Captain Elizabeth Gedney Passenger Vessel Safety Award

This award, the Capt. Elizabeth Gedney Passenger Vessel Safety Award, complements the existing Roger Murphy National Marine Safety Award, which is presented annually at the PVA Annual Convention at MariTrends by the Safety and Security Committee. The Roger Murphy National Marine Safety Award is recognition of an individual, who has improved the overall safety of their company and/or the passenger vessel industry overall.

Beth Gedney, who passed away in June 2013, was the Passenger Vessel Association’s Director of Safety, Security, and Risk Management. The Capt. Elizabeth Gedney Passenger Vessel Safety Award is intended to recognize actions by PVA Vessel members and their employees through training, seamanship, and dedication to the best standards of the passenger vessel industry that have resulted in a significant, positive outcomes which may have turned a bad day better. More simply, actions in response to a crisis or emergency, resulting in a substantial, and possibly life-saving, impact. The Passenger Vessel Association, in conjunction with the Passenger Vessel Foundation, would like to recognize individuals and their PVA member company who meet this criteria by recognizing them with the Capt. Elizabeth Gedney Passenger Vessel Safety Award.

Every year, PVA members are involved in real-life man-overboard and other life-saving situations. It is these types of events that need to be recognized because we understand the safety training that PVA vessel operators have can make the difference between life and death, and they do it efficiently and effectively.This new award can be presented to an individual member, a crew, or landside employees. If a PVA member company has such an individual(s) that meet the criteria for this award, we encourage you to complete the application with a description of your nominee’s actions for consideration.

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